AIPPI Singapore

The International Association for Protection of Intellectual Property (Singapore Group) is the Singapore chapter of the AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriete Intellectuelle).

AIPPI is the world’s leading international non-governmental, non-profit organization set up for the protection of intellectual property rights and the harmonization of laws relating to:

  industrial designs
  computer software
  integrated circuits
  plant variety
  appellations of origin and geographic names
  unfair competition

AIPPI-Singapore was registered under the Societies Act on 4 December 1998. Current members include persons from various industries, interest groups, statutory bodies and the legal profession.

The objects of the Singapore Group are:


To further the work and objectives of AIPPI


To obtain recognition of the necessity for international co-ordination in all matters relating to patents, designs, trade marks, trade names, copyrights and other analogous rights and to examine and compare existing laws with a view to their possible improvement and increased uniformity


To discuss, examine, initiate, evaluate proposals, laws, measures or other matters relating to the protection of industrial and intellectual property or analogous rights


To hold meetings to further the objects of the association


To make proposals or representations to agencies of the Government of Singapore, the Law Society and such other bodies or institutions as may be necessary in regard to existing or proposed laws, regulations or measures relating to intellectual property


To facilitate the dissemination to members of the association and to the public of knowledge of the law and practice relating to industrial and intellectual property and the protection of such property in Singapore and elsewhere


To organize or convene meetings, seminars or conventions for the purposes of discussing and propagating interest in and the development, expansion and improvement of matters relating to intellectual property


To encourage the development of the law and practice relating to industrial and intellectual property and its protection and the efficient administration of such law and practice in order to promote the development of the manufacturing, technological, scientific and industrial resources of Singapore.

Join AIPPI Singapore

Membership in AIPPI (Singapore Group) is open to any person:

  1.  who has a business, professional, scientific or personal interest in any field of activity of the association; and
  2.  is nominated as provided in the rules of the association; and
  3.  whose admission as a member is approved by the Committee.

As of the latest AGM of 28 Sept 2020, for members aged 36 and below, the membership fees for individual membership will be reduced from next year.

The policy of open membership creates a forum for the exchange of views from parties with diverse, and even divergent, interests in intellectual property issues in Singapore. Representation from the business sector, as well as academia, is strongly encouraged, as such participation means that the association will be uniquely positioned to present balanced views on topical issues.

Membership in the association means access to AIPPI and its vast resources; it is a unique opportunity to be part of a truly international organisation.

Becoming a Member

There is no entrance fee.

An annual subscription is payable to AIPPI (Singapore) Group. The subscription (excluding administrative fee currently estimated at S$20) is S$50 for a member who is a natural person and S$150 for a member who is not a natural person. The annual subscription amount may be varied from time to time as decided by the Committee. An Annual subscription of CHF 160 is also payable by a member, whether a natural person or not, to AIPPI in Switzerland.

An application for membership may be submitted by completing the attached application form and forwarding this to the association.

Membership Forms

Membership forms are available for download in PDF format.

Please send the completed forms to:

AIPPI (Singapore Group)
36 Robinson Road #10-01
City House, Singapore 068877